Pricing & Rate Sheet Information

Charges to the Merchant
Transaction TypeGBPEURUSD
Cost per Load of each card£1,00€1.00$1.50
Initial Card Issuing (virtual cards)£9,00€9.00$9.00
Card Shipping Fees£2.00 (UK delivery)€2.50$2.50
Charges to Cardholder
Transaction TypeGBPEURUSD
Initial Card Issuing (physical cards)£0.00€0.00$0.00
Initial Card Issuing (co-brand cards) £9.00€10.00$12.00
Card Replacement £20.00€20.00$20.00
Point of Sale2%
(min £0.20,
max £1.50)
(min €0.30,
max €2.00)
(min $0.40,
max $2.50)
ATM (in card currency)£1.50€1,50$1,75
ATM (in other currency)£1.50€1,50$1,75
Foreign Exchange Fee2.75%2.75%3%
Card usage limits

Our standard card usage limits are shown below. In exceptional circumstances these can be increased.

Maximum daily load amount£5,000€ 7,500$8,000
Maximum annual load amount£75,000€ 100,000$125,000
Maximum Card Balance£5,000
€ 7,500$8,000
Maximum Daily ATM£1,000€ 1,000$1,000
Maximum Annual ATM£75,000€ 75,000$75,000

eMoneyFlow MasterCard is issued entirely free of charge to all cardholders!

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