How do I load funds to the issued cards?2018-12-13T07:20:08+01:00

Cards are funded from within the portal – which has secure access login only.

Card loads can be done:

  • Via the portal manually
  • Via bulk upload method
To what countries / jurisdictions can the cards be distributed to?2018-12-20T14:41:59+01:00

Cards can only be sent to the EEA which is the 28 Member states




Republic of Cyprus

Czech Republic


























How many cards can I have?2018-12-13T07:12:35+01:00

You can order as many cards as you require for your business.

What currencies are supported?2018-12-07T15:14:08+01:00


Do I need to pay an advanced fees?2018-12-13T07:13:27+01:00

Yes, you will be required to pre-fund an account from which you will be able to transfer funds to the cards instantly.

You will be informed of the bank account details and reference number to use.

Is my money safe?2020-02-24T12:36:50+01:00

Yes. All merchant float account funds are held at Clearbank (GBP) and LHV Bank (EUR). Once the money is loaded onto the cards, they are backed by Barclays Bank, and the card holders funds are protected by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and backed by the Central Bank of Europe up to 100,000 EUR/account. The regulation requires all client funds to be segregated and safeguarded.

Therefore your payout money is safe.

How do I order the cards?2018-12-13T07:15:58+01:00

Cards are ordered on the Secure Portal which you will have access to via a secure login. The secure login will be sent to you once your application has been approved by the bank.

You will be able to then request cards for individuals.

You will need to provide:

  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Home address
  • Email
  • Mobile phone number
Do I need to provide any KYC (Know Your Client) for the cardholders?2018-12-13T07:17:39+01:00

Yes, you will need to upload individual KYC documentation into the secure portal when asked to – this is to verify the cardholder and their home address.

The following documents will be accepted (all four corners of each document must be made visible)

  • Passport
  • Government issued ID
  • Utility bill (issued inside 90 days)

Note that your newly uploaded cardholders will appear on the secure portal on Tuesday once they have been verified by the bank.

A complete review and approval of the documents typically takes 24 hours.

How long does it take to get the cards?2018-12-13T07:18:55+01:00

Cards are shipped every Tuesday. They will be shipped using UK Royal Mail services.

Please allow up to one week to receive the card.

How do I set up for an account?2019-02-28T18:21:57+01:00

Click here to complete the registration form

Register Now
How much does it cost to fund the cards?2018-12-20T14:45:15+01:00

The cost for each load made to each individual card is as follows:

  • 1.00 GBP
  • 1.00 EUR
  • 1.50 USD
When will I get my card?2018-12-13T07:23:07+01:00

Your merchant/partner will be arranging for you to have a card sent directly to your home address. Once they have ordered your card it will be sent direct to your home by UK Royal Mail service.

What do I do when I get my card?2018-12-13T07:28:03+01:00

You will receive instructions on how to log into the eMoneyFlow secure portal on the document that your card will be attached to – please read that letter and follow the instructions.

You will be provided with a unique NINE digit card code (this is on the front of the card).

Using this number and your date of birth you will be able to log into the secure portal.

In the portal you will need to set your password and then activate the card.

Register your card
Do I need to sign any contracts?2018-12-13T07:31:47+01:00

You will not be required to sign any agreement. All we ask is that you sign the back of the card for security purposes.

How do I check the balance of my card?2018-12-13T10:49:21+01:00

Your balance will be presented to you with your secure portal.

Portal Login
Where can I find my card PIN?2018-12-20T14:46:18+01:00

You will find your card PIN displayed within the secure portal.

Portal Login
What happens if my card is lost or stolen?2018-12-20T14:50:55+01:00

If you lose your card or it is stolen then please log into your online admin and click on the button “Report lost or stolen card”.

Portal Login

Alternatively, contact our Customer Service Team without undue delay on:

  • +44 20 3475 5351 (Europe)

  • +1 604 200 0554 (Americas)
Where do I log in?2018-12-20T07:46:11+01:00

Please use the following link to log into your online account:


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