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Strict Anti-Money-Laundring (AML) Regulations have made it quite challenging to move funds within the South American Banking System. We are taking extensive efforts to work with established local banking institutions in an assurance to secure & protect your funds throughout the entire payout process. Applicable currency exchange rates and banking fees are kept to a bare minimum in order to minimize the involved costs for our merchant clients and their corresponding payees.

Features & Advantages

  • Columbian based ACH Bank Transfers are a cost-effective and fast way to conduct online bank transfers within Columbia.

  • Take advantage of sending payouts to your customers via already established Columbian bank accounts.

  • Perform financial operations either via an API connect, a CSV Batch File Upload or an easy to use Admin Interface.

  • Scale your operation and leverage your business into South America.

  • Local currency conversion

  • Foreign Exchange (FX)  fees are assumed by the payee and are applied once funds are allocated to the payee’s bank account.

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